It’s time….for the pelvic clock.

    Many of us have an unclear sense of awareness of our pelvis. As a result, we often don’t understand how to move from our strong foundation, our true base of support, our pelvis. Try this brief excerpt from a classic Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement(R) lesson. It will help you learn how to sense your pelvis, loosen your hip joints and

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Expand your world with spinal flexibility.

    Many of us think of our spinal flexibility in terms of our ability to bend forward, backward, and sideways. What about rotation? Not only does rotation allow us to turn and look behind ourselves, but it plays an important role in healthy spine mechanics. Spinal rotation is also important for survival; we need to be able to turn to see

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Don’t worry….be happy!

    I recently found myself engaged in a conversation where I was suddenly and unexpectedly asked to name 3 things that made me happy.     This question was presented to me after I had just completed a 3 day Advanced Feldenkrais Training with Russell Delman, a highly respected Feldenkrais Trainer who presented his work “The Embodied Life”TM. His work incorporates deep personal introspection

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The sounds of silence….

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed, exhausted, frustrated, unable to concentrate, anxious and/or upset for “no apparent reason”? The chances are your brain may just be overstimulated from the never ending onslaught of information it recieves from TV, radio, cell phones, computers, texts, work, traffic, family responsibilites and just plain life in general.     Give yourself a true rest by turning off all

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Supported sitting….rest your spine.

    Do you sit a lot at work? Do you drive a lot? Do you find yourself experiencing back pain or discomfort when you sit? Most chairs at work, home, school, restaurants, etc., are not made to adequately support your spine in sitting. If you do sit for extended periods of time, your spine could use a rest. So, how do you do this? Try some of

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Unlock your knees….effortless standing.

    Have you ever found yourself experiencing back pain, knee pain or foot pain in standing? Or that holding yourself upright even for short periods of time is exhausting? Here is a little experiment to help you find your way to effortless standing.     Stand up, and notice how you are standing. Don’t change anything, just pay attention to how you stand. Are

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Effortless posture……finding your spine.

    Good posture is effortless. No, this isn’t a typo; it’s the truth. And the key to effortless posture is to find a way to let your spine support you. Our spines are designed with natural curves that support us during all weight bearing activities. Unfortunately, sometimes our ideas about finding “good posture” causes us to try and change the

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Treat your feet to no more pain….

    A lot of us experience foot pain during our lifetime. It may start out as small twinges of discomfort that is easy to ignore. However, your aching feet can develop into much bigger foot problems as well as leg, hip and back as well as difficulty walking. However, with the proper attention, including exercises and stretches, you can

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    In my last post I introduced the principle of neuroplasticity as it appeared in an article in the Denver Post. The article reported a relationship between dancing and a decreased risk of dementia based on the principle of neuroplasticity.     So, what is neuroplasticity and what does it mean to us? How can we apply it to our everyday

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Dance into health, for your body and your brain!

I recently read a fascinating article citing the health benefits of dance, which included socialization and improved physical function. As a physical therapist and a classical dancer, that didn’t surprise me. The authors also reported that dance-based therapy can improve balance and gait among older adults. Again, no big surprise. However, the most amazing and fascinating correlation between dance and

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