From crunch to dead bug……

    Let’s combine the exercises from my 2 previous posts. Many core exercises (as are done in Pilates) start from a position called the “dead bug”. Although beginners frequently struggle with this position, we already have a strong foundation on how to properly activate your core muscles and to isolate your transverse abdominus. (Please refer to my previous posts if you are new

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Core strength…..

We have all heard of the term “core strength”. But what exactly does it mean? Basically, having a strong core means developing the abdominal muscles that support our low back. A strong core helps to stabilize our spine and pelvis, decreases low back pain, protects our low back from injury, flattens our stomach and trims our waistline. In Pilates, we often refer to

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Play at work.

Last week I offered some suggestions on how to incorporate more exercise into your daily routine at home. Just a few minutes of exercise each and every day can have a huge positive impact on your overall strength, flexibility, health and well-being. However, incorporating more physical activity at work may be a bit more challenging depending on your work environment and

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