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Child’s play….

I went on vacation last week. I know, this doesn’t sound like earth shattering news or a life altering event, but it was for me. I haven’t had a vacation in six years. The reasons aren’t important. Let’s just say that personal responsibilities were a priority. During that time I had to leave my practice for weeks on end. Afterward,

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Hurry up and relax….

I live vicariously through other people’s vacations. I hear them make their plans, see their photos on Facebook, and listen to how much fun they had and how relaxed they are when they come home. I listen wistfully….I want some of that. Vacations are a distant memory; I haven’t had one in over 5 years. I would love to sit on a beach, or

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What I did on my summer vacation.

When I visited my sister and her kids two months ago, I was recruited to help my young niece with her summer project. Unfortunately, my sister had just found out that my niece had two mandatory projects over the summer. What the other kids had all summer to complete, my niece had about a week. And I had three days to help her. I

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