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February Fit Tips

It’s already the end of January. February is just one short week away, and for many of us, the weather outside is frightful. The cold, dark days combined with the wicked winter weather can wreak havoc on our plans to get fit and stay fit. Besides, swim suit season doesn’t seem quite as threatening when we’re buried under a snow bank, so it might be more tempting to

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New Year: Now What?

Here we are, at the beginning of another New Year. Anything is possible in a new year, including keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. It doesn’t matter what your plans are, but it does matter very much how you implement them. So, whether you would like to exercise more, lose weight, get in shape, eat healthier, improve your finances, or enjoy healthier relationships, here are a few simple steps

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There’s a new class at Colorado Free University!

Swiss Ball for Strength & Stamina Tell a Friend about this Course Do you have a Swiss ball rolling around your house that you hardly use? This quick and fun one-session class will introduce you to a variety of easy, strength building exercise that you can do in just a few minutes a day. Build your core, balance, and muscle

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Start moving and stay moving.

Issac Newton knew what he was talking about. You know, a body in motion tends to stay in motion and a body at rest….well, you get the point. Here we are, already at the end of January, and those New Year’s Resolutions to work out more and get fit are staring us in the face. Our resolutions may have sounded quite reasonable during

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New Year, new you, who knew?

Here it is, another New Year, and already our New Year resolution guilt may be weighing heavily upon us. It doesn’t help to see all of the signs at the local health clubs advertising “A New Year and a New You!” Gee, and I kind of liked the old one. Adding insult to injury are the endless commercials for weight

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Balance, perturbations, and neuroplasticity….

A lot of people are concerned about losing their balance and have a fear of falling. So, what can we do to  improve our balance? Let’s start with some basic exercises in standing. 1) Single leg standing: Stand in front of a counter top or other stable surface. Gently place your hands on the counter top for safety. Lift one foot off

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