More hearts and flowers on Valentine’s Day.

    Once again, it’s Valentine’s Day. I love Valentine’s Day. It doesn’t take much to make me happy, and just knowing that I am appreciated is good enough for me. But, for some people, Valentine’s Day is even more stressful than Christmas. Expectations are high and the pressure is on.     I have a friend who has been known to give her husband

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Sisters, cereal and B-B-BATS…..

    When I was a little girl, my mother used to take us grocery shopping with her. I had two older sisters, and my Mom was smart enough not to take all of us with her at the same time. She had us on a rotating schedule, which meant that each child had her turn to accompany her to the A&P

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A different kind of family Christmas….

  Everyone has their Christmas traditions and time they spend with friends and family. Our Christmas tradition is simple; my husband and I spend a quiet Christmas together. But when my husband had to abruptly leave town on the 23rd, my plans for Christmas suddenly and dramatically changed. No quiet Christmas Eve dinner at home. No Christmas Day champagne brunch at the Brown Palace. My Christmas just got thrown a

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Does a bear sit in the woods?

    While my husband and I were packing up our SUV to return home from Thanksgiving in the mountains, we were greeted with quite a surprise. Our vehicle was covered with dirt and dust, but there appeared to be a pattern or some sort of order to the dirty smudges. We looked closer and noted that the smudges were actually paw prints.

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Acorns, autumn leaves and woolly catepillars….

    I absolutely love autumn. I love everything about it, and I especially love autumn in Western Pennsylvania where I grew up. Over the years, I had promised myself that someday I would go back during this special time. Two years ago, I did just that. I went home for a ten day visit. The weather was beautiful, and the colors were glorious!    

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Investing in gold….Colorado style.

    With the current economy, we hear over and over again that we should invest in gold. I don’t know much about finances, but I do know that sound investments can reap huge rewards. Thirty five years ago I invested in gold, Colorado style. As far as I’m concerned, I’m getting a fantastic return on my investment. What do you think?     It’s important to choose

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Self employed, self respect, and the measure of success….

        Being self employed provides a rare and wonderful opportunity to unleash your creativity and express yourself through your work, without the constraints of a boss, co-workers, productivity demands, staff meetings, etc. It’s wonderful, and I love it. However, along with the freedom, flexibility, creativity and job satisfaction comes the understanding that you are always “on the job,” 24 hours

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Martial arts, ninja tricks, and travel trauma…..

  I don’t like to fly; as a matter of fact, I hate it. However, I recently believed I was becoming more zen about the whole process. Just when I thought it was safe to go back to the airport and fly the friendly skies, travel trauma strikes again.   It’s funny how my martial arts training keeps me from embarrassing myself. I recently went to Pittsburgh

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Sword cuts, patience, and a powerful teacher.

    I bought a sword last weekend. I hadn’t planned on buying one, and I certainly hadn’t been looking for one. We have been working a lot more with sword cuts in my martial arts class, and I have a nice white oak wooden sword. It’s light weight, it’s really pretty, and it serves it’s purpose.     But last weekend my husband and I took a drive

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Don’t settle…. for short expectations.

    When I was a little girl, I used to worry about getting old, because I knew I would no longer be able to speak English. After all, everyone I knew over the age of fifty spoke broken English with a heavy Eastern European accent. In my four year old mind, it was a logical conclusion that this was a natural part of aging. I once asked my

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