Feldenkrais Functional Integration® Lessons

Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lessons are private Feldenkrais® sessions. They are very gentle but powerful “hands-on” sessions where your practitioner gently moves you through a series of movement patterns according to your specific needs and concerns. Functional Integration lessons provide and excellent opportunity of self-education, where you are able to learn new patterns of movement to create a sense of ease and comfort in the way you sit, stand, walk, and move.

The process of self-education during a Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lesson is based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity, which simply means that we are able to learn new things during the entire course of our lifetime. It is not the kind of learning that we get from a book, or from school. It’s the kind of learning that takes place deep in our nervous system, and it is more of a visceral, organic type of learning that changes our neural pathways and strengthens our neural connections. How is it different from other modalities?

The delicate “hands-on” techniques applied in a Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lesson help you gently interrupt patterns of moving which may be causing pain, stress, joint dysfunction, immobility, or otherwise interfering with your quality of life. It is quite different from other therapeutic modalities because there is no “protocol” or predetermined list of exercises. Instead, the focus is on exploring new patterns of movement through your own personal experience. It is a method where you discover for yourself how to move without pain, strain, stress, and effort. How else is it different?

In traditional therapies, the emphasis is placed on the practitioner “fixing the patient” or “correcting the problem.” In Feldenkrais®, the focus is placed on paying attention to yourself and the quality of your movement. There is no good or bad, right or wrong, better or worse; just opportunities to learn. You get to discover for yourself what you could do, instead of someone else telling you what you should do. You actually learn how to heal yourself, which is an incredibly empowering experience.

With Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lessons, you can eliminate aches and pains, improve your flexibility, posture, and balance. You can discover new ways of moving effortlessly and more efficiently. You will be able to improve your proficiency in all of your functional and recreational activities, regardless of your age and current level of function.Once you have learned the basic principles of Feldenkrais®, you can then continue the process of learning and improvement with Awareness Through Movement® group classes.

Feldenkrais Functional Integration® lessons are available by appointment only. A typical lesson is about one hour long, which includes hands-on movement therapy, gentle strengthening as appropriate, and client education for a home program to continue you the process of learning from each lesson. Contact us today to schedule your Functional Integration® lesson. Don’t wait to feel great!

Feldenkrais….making the impossible possible, the possible easy, and the easy effortless.” -Dr.  Moshe Feldenkrais 

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  1. Oskar Back
    12 hours ago

    Can you, or can you recommend someone who can, help me with an SI tightness that sends pain down my right leg? I have been doing some Feldenkrais methods (#2 and 4) to try to alleviate this and it is helping some, but I am wondering if there’s anyway to accelerate healing.

    Thank you

    1. ilovarts Author
      9 hours ago

      Hi Oskar,
      It’s a great sign that those lessons are helping! I would suggest at least one or two private Feldenkrais sessions to get some guidance to help you with the healing process. Where are you located? Are you in Denver? If not, I can help you find a practitioner closer to you. Feel free to call me at 720-577-5845.


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