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Feldenkrais® is a gentle form of movement therapy. It is a process of self-education and awareness through the exploration of specific movement lessons. These simple but gentle lessons help you identify and interrupt movement patterns that may be causing you pain, injuries, or interfering with your quality of life.

Functional Integration®

Functional Integration lessons® are private lessons where your practitioner gently moves you through a series of movements based on your individual needs or limitations. These “hands-on” sessions capture your body’s own ability to correct your structural alignment. The result is a decrease in aches and pains, an increase in strength and flexibility, and improved performance in all of your functional and recreational activities. You will also be given suggestions how to incorporate the lesson into your daily life to continue the process of learning.

Awareness Through Movement®

(ATM) lessons are group classes where your practitioner verbally guides you through a sequence of movement explorations developed by Moshe Feldenkrais. A typical lesson begins with small, gentle movements. The lesson progresses into more complex patterns. If the movements become challenging, your practitioner will introduce strategies to remove through the restrictions without stress or strain. Time is allotted at the end of class to address the practical application of the lesson including how to integrate the movement lesson into your daily life.

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