Mistakes: Making Them and Moving Along

I hate making mistakes. Unfortunately, I make a lot of them. The good news is, I also learn a lot from each and every mistake I make. It took a long time for me to fully accept and understand that making mistakes are an important part of the learning process. It’s bad enough to make a mistake in private, but none of us want to look silly

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Opportunities to learn

Opportunities to learn are everywhere, and they have a tendency to appear when you least expect them. I had one of those opportunities myself a few weeks ago when my husband and I went up to our favorite getaway, Estes Park. It’s located right at the base of Rocky Mountain National Park and is a fabulous place to hit the refresh button, relax, and

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Why is Feldenkrais® so effective?

There are many reasons why The Feldenkrais Method® is so effective. However, the most significant reason is because Feldenkrais is a learning experience, not a treatment modality. The focus is on exploring and learning new patterns of movement through your own personal experience of movement lessons. Feldenkrais allows you to discover for yourself how to move more easily (and even effortlessly)

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Feldenkrais® Your New Year

Here we are, at the beginning of another New Year. Everything is new, fresh, and we get to start with a clean slate. Anything is possible in a New Year, including keeping our New Year’s Resolutions. However, the resolutions which sounded quite reasonable during the festivities and over-indulgences of the holidays are now staring us in the face. The let down

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Feldenkrais(R) Training: My spine is fine!

After my little romantic interlude with the dance floor on the second day of my Feldenkrais(R) training, I started to loosen up a little. My nervous system was ready for the next learning experience. Or so I thought.  We were told to partner up, and just gently feel along each other’s spine. We were instructed to explore the shape of our

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Neuroplasticity, brain games, and imaginary friends….

About two months ago I started using the brain building games from Lumosity. You may have heard of it. You know, “build a better brain based on the scientific principle of neuroplasticity, but it just feels like you’re playing games.” Well, as a Feldenkrais Practitioner, I’m all over this neuroplasticity, and I certainly do love to play, so I thought I’d

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A strictly forbidden learning experience….

My journey into the world of martial arts has been interesting, as well as educational, to say the least. I have often been the lone female in a testosterone filled environment, but I’ve gotten used to it. I’ve even learned to enjoy it, but that’s probably because I’m a natural born flirt. However, I love training with other women, and

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Brain power, nature’s miracle, and neuroplasticity.

There was a fascinating article recently in the WSJ regarding neural implants, a new technology that could help people with a wide variety of neurological problems including seizures, paralysis, strokes, hearing and vision loss. Neural implants can also help relieve chronic pain as well as phantom pain that many amputees experience. These implants can also help amputees learn how to “feel” their prosthetic limbs

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The Reluctant Ninja….

    Here I am, hard at work transcribing, editing and compiling eight years of notes from three different notebooks, several different legal pads, and a multitude of sticky notes gathered over countless hours of martial arts training, classes and seminars. This daunting project is in anticipation of  testing for my next belt level. Some day. This next level is a comprehensive test which

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Habits, constraints, and neuroplasticity….let the learning begin!

In my martial arts class, we often practice something called “randori”. One student stands in the center of the room while the other students form a circle around them and take turns randomly attacking the person in the middle. It’s kind of like the Ninja version of monkey in the middle. And it scares me to death. It is my least favorite training activity, but my

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