Secrets of a Middle-Aged Ninja

Secrets….we all have them. I probably have a few more than most. And many of them are secrets that I learned in my martial arts training. I’d love to share them all with you, but then you’d know too much. Besides, it might get me in deep trouble with the Secret Society of Ninjas. So, if you ever run into one of their

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Mountain Peace, safety tips, and formal wear….

Last week I had the most amazing and rewarding experience when I was invited to speak to a small group of women and girls regarding safety tips for women at Mountain Peace, in Bailey, Colorado. Bailey is a great little mountain town, known more for its laid back attitude and spectacular scenery than it’s reputation for elegant evening wear. Mountain

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Sense of smell. How neuroplasticity saved the day.

    A few weeks ago I was hiking in the mountains with my husband. I was in  a terrible mood. I was irritable, sad, depressed and feeling sorry for myself. It was Father’s Day, and the first Father’s Day without my Dad. This was only 6 short weeks after going through the first Mother’s Day without my Mom. Trying to hide my

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